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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Love, Love, Love

For me, Valentine’s Day is just as good a time to pop some bubbly and make a delicious meal or order delivery. What we skip? Reservations. Like New Year’s Eve, we like to avoid the overpriced “special” menu.

When it comes to gifts I suggest both the stereotypical jewelry and chocolate to some off the beaten path.

Whip it Good!

You can read the idea of whipped cream for Valentine’s Day as naughty or nice. You decide. If you’ve ever tried fresh whipped cream, you know that no preservative-laden grocery variety can match the sweet, creamy peaks you get with the real thing. But if you’re daunted by the thought of hand-whipping your own topping, fear not. We’ve found a gadget that does the work for you. The iSi Easy Whip produces twice the volume of hand whipping — one pint of liquid yields about five pints of whipped cream — in seconds. Isi Easy Whip, $49.95

Small World

Sorta silly. Kind of quirky. What’s so special about a glass vessel, a pile of rocks, some plant life and a little figurine or two? I’m not exactly sure where the magic comes from, but the combination is totally endearing. Maybe it’s the tiny people. Twig Terrariums, $50

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February 1st, 2012 by Ali

Stuff I Love


Playtex Custom Flex Fit Bandini, two for $24

I’m proud of my full size A cup perky girls. And these new bandinis from Barely There are my new go-to bras to wear under tanks and tees for Pilates and Bar Method classes. Super comfy and stay in place. You can wear the bandini multiple ways including skipping the straps and wearing as a bandeau style bra. The bra comes in multiple colors so you can match with your clothes or make it appear as an intentional layering piece. Or layer two bras on top of each other as a non-cardio sports style bra.

Donna Karan: The Body Perfect Collection, $35

Every girl, no matter her size, needs a little smoothing at times under her clothes. I was introduced to DK’s Body Perfect a few years ago and while I don’t wear them often, it has come in handy under a Diane Von Furstenberg dress  or those silky fabrics where even a thong line would be visible. I choose smooth and nearly flawless over vpl’s any day.

The Nakeds by Victoria Secret’s, 3 for $30

No reason your everyday underwear has to resemble granny panties. Whether wearing a pattern that growls or simply solid black these “Nakeds” by VS are smooth against your bum and nearly invisible under most clothes. I’ve stocked up on these and the thongs for a whole new panty drawer.

October 7th, 2010 by Ali