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TV Land Awards

I recently covered the TV Land Awards and got a chance to chat with Jane Lynch (ADORE HER!), the cast of The Facts of Life (we all got our makeup done together in the green room), Family Ties, all the Huxtables, the classmates of Welcome Back Kotter including John Travolta and more.

Me & Dave Price                                             Sassy Cloris Leachman

The Facts of Life                                       Liza Minelli will soon be on stage.

May 15th, 2011 by Ali

Get the Celeb Maternity Look

As if buying the coveted bag, gold necklace or platform peep toes that celebrities are seen wearing on TV and in the tabloids weren’t enough, we, the “regular” people also want to look as good in our maternity clothes as they do. And why shouldn’t a pregnant gal look stylish. There’s no reason to drop the ball from your pre-pregnant fashionable self and pull on over sized cartoonish or boring basics when you can look GOOD.  So I went on E! News to show off how you can get the stylish look that those “it” pregnant gals like Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe are wearing and found it all on TheFind.com.

Our version of Jessica Alba’s look:
BCBG Blouse
A Pea in the Pod knit vest
A Pea in the Pod black jeans
Frye boots from Zappos.com

Our version of Natalie Portman:
Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress Drapefront Maternity Dress in electric blue
Type Z red “Wicked” patent pumps

Our version of Rachel Zoe:
A Pea in the Pod black long sleeve top
7 For all Mankind “Gwenevere” super skinny black jeggings
BCBG large satchel bag
Gabriella Rocha skinny wedge heeled boots from Zappos.com

Our version of Kate Hudson:
Love Quotes scarf
Maternity white long sleeve top
Rachel Pally patterned maxi skirt (can be worn as a skirt or dress)
Flat Sandals

March 16th, 2011 by Ali

How Do I Look on Style

Jeannie Mai and I ready to glam it up on stage for the reveal of makeover of our girl, Chrystie.

Me, Chrystie, her brother and mom celebrating the makeover.

March 6th, 2011 by Ali

Emily Bergl at the Hollywood Foreign Press & In Style Golden Globes Party

I dressed actress, Emily Bergl from Desperate Housewives for the Hollywood Foreign Press and In Style pre-Golden Globes party in a lavender beaded cocktail dress by Rachel Gilbert.

December 10th, 2010 by Ali

Jordan Feldman


TV:Parenthood, Entourage, Starter Wife, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Dirty, Sexy, Money
Film: I Love You, Man

1. My favorite vacation getaway – Home, where I play Rumikub and watch Murder, She Wrote with my Mom. I’m so gay.

2. The best gift I have ever (given/received) would be
Given: my sweet lovin’. Received: my sweet lovin’…it’s been slow.

3. A party is never better when there’s “Lost in Emotion” by Debbie Gibson and truffle honey on a triple cream.

4. My advice for achieving (happiness/success)
Happiness: Surround yourself with friends. Success: Go with your gut.

5. This week my guilty pleasure has been homemade Rocky Road fudge. Thanks Liz.

6. Most people have no idea that I am secretly butch.

7. My favorite thing in my closet at the moment is a Marc Jacobs double cardigan I purchased on Chic.org.

Ali and Jordan Feldman sharing food and conversation.

October 22nd, 2010 by Ali

Emily Bergl at Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

I dressed actress Emily Bergl for the red carpet event of the Broadway show, “Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson” in balck shimmering cocktail dress by Lloyd Klein.

October 15th, 2010 by Ali

Emily Bergl on the Red Carpet

Dressed actress, Emily Bergl (Desperate Housewives) for “The Home that Hollywood Built Benefit.”  She is dressed in Lloyd Klein bustier and pants and Glynneth B jewelry.

October 12th, 2010 by Ali

Michele Bohbot

Creator and Designer Bisou Bisou, Miss Bisou and XOXO
Co-owner of Hale Bob

1. The designers that intrigue me: Azzedine Alaia has been a big influence on me because he knew how to value the real shape of a woman. Jean Paul Gaultier for his amazing silhouettes and prints. John Galliano for his fearless showmanship and architectural approach in his design.

2. My muse /or the person I design for is an ageless modern woman with a positive attitude and high level of confidence. She’s smart and not afraid to be noticed.

3. I’ve been inspired by everything around me. Youthfulness is very inspirational to me. I love freshness and newness and like to see how the young interpret style. Music and Hollywood also bring great inspiration to me.

4. In my own closet I gravitate towards my most versatile pieces because I never know what type of activity I will be doing that day. I love a comfortable stretchy bottom and sexy top which later I can add some accessories to and a leather jacket and be set for the evening.

5. The best person I’ve dressed is my daughter on the day of her wedding. No celebrity could ever beat that!

6. I learned most from my mistakes. Fortunately for me, I make a lot of them, so I’m very smart.

7. My biggest fashion faux pas was a snow hat I designed that I swore everyone needed to have. It looked like something out of a cat in the hat or like a wind sock…so scary. On top of it they were multi colored stripes and I made them in two different lengths! Our warehouse was full of them and never sold one piece. I ended up giving them away as gifts, which was equally as embarrassing.

September 25th, 2010 by Ali

Kyan Douglas-My Favorite Queer Eye Guy

Emmy Award Winning TV Host of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, TLC’s 10 Years Younger

1. I’ve made over countless men and women and I’ve learned beauty isn’t about how you look, it’s about who you are.

2. I knew I’d found my second home when while on a yoga treat in Mexico, I snuck off the retreat center in search of an iced moca, with soy, and I actually found it!!! I spend a lot of time in my little village in Mexico.

3. If I weren’t on TV, I would definitely NOT have a nine to fiver. I am an Explorer my nature; I love to get out and see what’s out there. I would figure out a way to travel a lot.

4. My advice for achieving happiness is stay in the Now; it’s the only time that really exists.

5. I couldn’t live without my _: There’s nothing I couldn’t live without but I really love my books.

6. Right now I am so into Peruvian Energy Medicine.

7. I moved to LA over a year ago and I love hiking, but I miss walking the streets in New York City.

Kyan Douglas, Ali and Anthony Morrison on location for TLC.

September 12th, 2010 by Ali

Lloyd Klein

Haute Couture Designer

1. Biggest indulgence…was celebrating my birthday with an extra, extra large strawberry a la crème cake and enjoying it all by myself.

2. What is your advice for a woman seeking to define her own individual style?
She has to identify WHO she is as a woman; what story she wants to tell with her second skin and who she is seducing because inevitably we are sending a message to the world with what we wear.

3. You’ve dressed countless celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Paula Abdul, Natalie Cole, Katy Perry, Felicity Huffman, Gwen Stefani, if given the opportunity who would you like to design a dress for? And whom would you consider a muse?
I would love to dress Charlize Theron because she embodies femininity with strength, glamour with confidence, sophistication with discretion and most of all subtlety. I have several muses that represent the many goddesses that inspire me when I am designing. Strength of character and boldness in expression as a personal brand are what I am attracted to the most in a muse.

4. Elegance is…truly understanding that less is more.

5. What are your fashion obsessions? And what’s the last item you bought that truly makes you happy?
My last purchase was a dozen bespoke dress shirts from London with French cuffs to showcase my vintage cufflink collection. I am obsessed with those little touches that say so much about who you are and how you feel about yourself.

6. I’ve been told you are quite the gourmet cook. What is your favorite meal to prepare for guests and who receives an invite? And what restaurants in LA (and beyond) do you enjoy for fine food?
Anything with a touch of caviar. I love to experiment and add my personal touch to the food I prepare. My favorite hors d’oeuvre is Bouchees a la Reine, the favorite of Louis IVX – it’s very couture and a pleasure to see as well as taste. I enjoy making small bites for a group of 5 people including myself, anything more than this is too high maintenance. And when L’Orangerie closed last year I resigned myself to good sashimi bars like Ketana.

7. You design sophisticated, coveted couture dresses, ready to wear suits, knitwear, and accessories that include leather bags that surely last so long in one’s wardrobe that a granddaughter will end up wanting to carry it—so what’s next for the House of Lloyd Klein?
One of my dreams is to design Lloyd Klein Hotels de Luxe that would be found at the four corners of the world. Modern tributes to old world luxury with couture details that would make them destinations like my Castle in Los Angeles.

A few of the celebrities who love to wear Lloyd Klein:

Kate Beckinsale                                       Eva Longoria

Toni Collette                                               Marissa Miller

Initially trained in architecture, Lloyd Klein ventured into the world of fashion design after becoming mesmerized by a Givenchy haute couture runway show. Using his extreme interest and self-taught knowledge, Klein’s talent as a dormant designer erupted in 1994 when he presented his first runway collection in Paris. After just two seasons he became the appointed head designer for the legendary Maison Mme. Grès. Upon the successful completion of his contract with Grès, the designer went on to showcase his own signature label. In 1999, after his first of many New York Fashion Week runway appearances, Klein made a solid imprint in fashion by creating his base of couture operations in the United States.

Reflecting on his training in architectural detail; Lloyd Klein’s designs are unexpectedly classic and contemporary all at once. Each piece differs, but remains consistent with his technique as they preserve a bold balance of broad masculinity and edgy femininity. His mastery of drapery shows in many of his pieces as delicate fabrics flow on the female form, adhering to the most flattering curvaceous hot spots with meticulous precision. His mixing and matching of a variety of textural fabrics creates fine garments that foresee the direction of the industry. Constrictive, yet flattering corset-like bodices provide a modernized classical look while flowy gowns wisp through the air with elegance. Precision tailored suiting with waist flattering proportion, however, is his strength and is what his customer seeks.

The charismatic designer travels between his home in Paris and his business in Los Angeles. He has been featured on numerous popular television shows including appearances on America’s Next Top Model, the Ali G. Show, as well as cameo appearances on several other televised programs. In addition to developing an outstanding celebrity following, his collections have been featured on numerous films and television properties including the standout fashion hit “Ugly Betty”. A Documentary style reality series about the “House of Couture” is in the development that will offer a glimpse into what goes on in that beloved Fashion Castle that sits between the Hollywood sign and Rodeo Drive….stay tuned!

The Lloyd Klein Flagship

Lloyd Klein’s two-story Flagship located in one of LA’s most charming shopping neighborhoods, serves as a creative workshop and retail space for both his ready to wear and couture clientele. The historic landmark building, which locals refer to as, “the Castle”, is replete with a gothic turret. The 1928 “petit chateau” features a wildlife pond and wood planked “moat” entry-way leading into the mesmerizing 7,700 square foot space.

The interior, designed by Lloyd Klein, has an elegant ambience that reflects his overall lifestyle vision and has the feeling of a true old-world Parisian Salon. The layout includes a private VIP consultation lounge and fitting room for his couture clients; editorial and sales showroom; conference room; and chic retail space to showcase a full range of Lloyd Klein products including accessories, jewelry, handbags and ready-to-wear. The space also includes an archive library featuring over 4,000 runway sample garments that chronicle the history of his work.

August 9th, 2010 by Ali